Disposal Information


Native American Community Center
(Formerly Wadestown Community Resource Center)
Accepts working appliances only
Free pick up (call to make arrangements)
Phone: (304) 662-6220 or (724) 435-7400 Call for more information

Habitat for Humanity ReStore
Accepts working appliances only
Will pick up larger items (call to make arrangements)
Phone: (304) 291-2991 Call for more information

Salvation Army
Accepts working appliances only
Will pick up larger items (call to make arrangements)
Phone: (304) 296-3525 Call for more information

Recycling Options:
-Dick’s Recycling (304) 599-3481
-3 Rivers Iron and Metal (304) 366-8099
-N. Mountain State Metals (304) 292-1200 or (304) 367-1207
-Jack’s Recycling (800) 222-8932 or (724) 324-2707



Not sure what kind of batteries you have? Need more information on types of batteries and battery recycling? Click HERE.

Morgantown Phone Center
Only accepts re-chargeable batteries (NiCad, Lithium, Nickel Metal hydride, Small sealed lead)
Must weigh less than one pound
Must be dropped off
Phone: (304) 292-8911 x 1 Call for more information

Premier Computers
Only accepts re-chargeable batteries (NiCad, Lithium, Nickel Metal hydride, Small   sealed lead)
Must be dropped off
Phone: (304) 292-7000 Call for more information

Advanced Auto, Walmart, NAPA
Accepts automobile batteries for recycling
Please call before you drop off batteries

Global Impact
Will accept disposable one-time-use household batteries
Phone: (304) 677-0379 Call for more information



Native American Community Center
Accepts hardcover and soft cover books for recycling
Call to arrange pickup
Phone: (304) 662-6220 Call for more information

The Bookshelf
Accepts used books and gives store credit
Phone: (304) 599-4601 Call for more information

Yellow House Recycling
Phone: (304) 304-685-1474 Call for more information

Morgantown Mall
Phone: (304) 983-8899 Call for more information

Animal Friends Thrift Shoppe
Mountaineer Mall
Phone: (304) 291-5825 Call for more information


WVU Farm
Offers mulch/compost for use (small loading fee)
Phone: (304) 293-7092 Call for more information

City of Clarksburg Compost Facility
Will accept yard waste defined as: grass clippings, leaves, brush and tree trimmings no larger than 6 inches in diameter and 6 feet long
Offers compost/mulch for home use
Phone: (304) 624-1611 Call for more information

Maverick Shredding/Mulching
Operates a mobile mulching/grinding unit
Can grind in bulk
Phone: (304)-276-7770 Call for more information



PC Graffiti
1216 University Ave.
Morgantown, WV 26505
Free recycling of all electronics, drop off all recyclables at the office on University Ave.
“Don’t let your used, unwanted, or broken computers end up in the dumpster! Donate your computers or computer parts so that we can refurbish them for eligible individuals and organizations, or so that we can dispose of them properly!”
Phone: (304) 241-4356 Call for more information.
Other services provided:

  • Computer Troubleshooting & Repair
  • Virus Detection & Removal
  • Small Business Networking
  • OS Install & Setup
  • Data Recovery & Transfer
  • TV Repair
  • Home Theater Setup
  • Internet Connectivity Issues
  • Telephone Systems
  • Hardware Replacement

Shermantic Computer Services
600 Fairmont Ave
Fairmont, WV 26554
Recycles all old computers, keyboards, mice, monitors, printers, copiers, fax machines, notebooks & laptops
Does secure data deconstruction, so none of your data can be recovered
They also recycle old Electronics and Home Appliances
All of their recycling is done FREE of charge
Phone: (304) 367-0020 Call for more information

Cell Phones for Soldiers
Donate your used cell phone for recycling that benefits our troops stationed overseas Print this FREE shipping label http://www.cellphonesforsoldiers.com/media_docs/cpfs_prepaid_label.pdf and put up to 3 phones in an envelope or box
The phones get recycled and prepaid phone cards are given to soldiers serving overseas

Best Buy
(University Town Centre, Granville)
Accepts all computer components
Accepts many other home electronics
WILL  accept TVs under 32 inches and flat screen TVs under 60 inches
NO console TVs and NO CRT TVs larger than 32 inches
See this site for details
Phone: (304) 598-9052 Call for more information

Goodwill Industries
Sabraton exit 4 I-68.   1954 Hunters Way, Morgantown, WV 26508
Accepts all computers and computer parts for FREE recycling
NO monitors with broken glass screens can be accepted
Will only accept working TVs for re-sale
Phone: (304) 296-7900 Call for more information

Office Depot
(Chestnut Ridge Road, Morgantown)
Offers prepaid boxes for electronics recycling
Phone: (304) 59807899 Call for more information



Habitat for Humanity ReStore
Accepts still usable materials for re-sale
Will pick up larger items (call to make arrangements)
Phone: (304) 291-2991 Call for more information

Mountaineer Transfer Station “The Dump”
Location: Morgantown Industrial Park
Time: Mon-Fri 5:30am – 3:00pm and Sat 7:00am – 11:00am
Phone: (304) 366-8900 or (304) 368-7777 Call for fees and more information



Republic Services Inc
Offers on-site document destruction collection
One-time service or regular scheduled service
Ensures HIPPA compliance for confidential document destruction
Phone: (304) 296-3696 Call for more information

Pace Tec
Provides free bankers boxes
$20.00 pickup fee in Morgantown – additional fees for extra distance
Phone: (304) 599-0513 Call for more information

Offers on-site or off-site document destruction and/or shredding
One-time service or regular scheduled service. Secure locking containers available.
Ensures HIPPA compliance for confidential document destruction
Certificate of destruction provided
Phone: (304) 216-2341 or (412) 376-7576 Call for more information



Morgantown Lions Club
Accepts all used eyeglasses and hearing aids
Drop off in the purple mailbox at the Westover City Hall public drop-off area near the other recycling containers



JT Martin Fire & Safety
Located in Clarksburg
Refills & recycles fire extinguishers
Phone: (304) 622-4278 Call for more information

MJ Fire Service
Location: 652 Hillwood Dr.
Morgantown, WV 26508
Will refill, re-use, or recycle fire extinguishers
Phone: (304) 291-3021 Call for more information

Valley National Gases
Located in Fairmont
Refills fire extinguishers
Phone: (304) 363-0950 Call for more information



Lowes                                                                                                                                                            Offers FREE recycling of unbroken CFLs at the station by front entrance                    Recycling containers also accept plastic bags and rechargeable batteries
More information at this site



Native American Community Center
Accepts: Food, usable furniture, working appliances, household goods, used clothing and shoes (any condition), hardback and soft cover books, and cardboard
Offers a FREE pickup service
Phone: (304) 662-6220 or (724) 435-7400 Call for more information

Habitat for Humanity ReStore
Accepts still usable furniture and appliances for re-sale
Will pick up larger items (call to make arrangements)
Phone: (304) 291-2991 Call for more information

Salvation Army
Accepts: clothing, household goods, and working appliances
Will arrange pickup for large items
Phone: (304) 296-3525 Call for more information

Goodwill Stores
Accepts: clothing, household goods, usable furniture
Must be dropped off at the store
Phone: (304) 296-7900 Call for more information

Christian Help
Accepts: clothing and food/canned goods
Must be dropped off at the store
Phone: (304) 296-0221 Call for more information

-Animal Friends Thrift Shoppe
No Clothing or Computers
Pick-up available
Phone: (304) 291-5825 or (304) 290-0161 Call for more information


The Cartridge Depot
Will purchase your used toner & ink cartridges
Phone: (304) 598-7070 Call for more information

Office Depot
Accepts most used toner & ink cartridges
Phone: (304) 598-7899 Call for more information


MEDICATIONS – home use only!

Do NOT flush any leftover medication down the toilet!

Check with your pharmacy about a take-back program
Remove medication from original packaging then mix with kitty litter or used coffee grounds and put into empty can or plastic bag and dispose of in regular trash.

Hospitals, Doctor’s Offices & Businesses MUST follow federal regulations for proper disposal.

Medical facilities must comply with all applicable EPA hazardous waste disposal regulations.

For more information contact the WV Dept. of Environmental Protection’s (WVDEP) Office of Water and Waste Management at 304-926-0495 or click HERE


NEEDLES & SHARPS – home use only!

Check with your pharmacy about a take-back program.
1-Place in a metal or hard-plastic container with a screw-on or tight-fitting lid.
Do NOT use glass or clear plastic containers.
Do not try to re-cap, remove, bend, or break the sharps to make them fit in the container.
2-When the container is almost full, add a solution of 1 teaspoon of bleach to 1 pint of water to the container and seal it tight.
3-With a permanent marker, write “NOT RECYCLABLE – TREATED SHARPS” on the outside of the container.
4-Place the container in a plastic bag and seal it with tape to prevent leakage.
5-Discard in regular trash.

Hospitals, Doctor’s Offices & Businesses MUST follow federal regulations for proper disposal.

Medical facilities must comply with all applicable EPA hazardous waste disposal regulations.

For more information contact the WV Dept. of Environmental Protection’s (WVDEP) Office of Water and Waste Management at 304-926-0495 or click HERE

Med Cycle
Offers one-time or scheduled pickups
Phone: (888) 222-6971 Call for more information


Eric’s Radiator
Accepts: Antifreeze and Oil
May be a small recycling fee
Phone: (304) 685-3736 Call for more information

Advanced Auto Stores
Accepts: used oil
Call your local store for more information



Hold until Household Hazardous Waste Collection Event (sponsored by MUB http://www.mub.org/ )
By law, garbage haulers cannot transport liquids so paint must be in solid form for them to accept it

Latex Paint – take the lid off and let air dry, or fill with cat litter to absorb the paint and then dispose of it in the garbage on your pick up day
Must be placed in the garbage container for pick up

Oil Paint – either paint on a surface (i.e. cardboard or scrap materials) or you may fill paint can with cat litter
If using cat litter, make sure all the paint has been absorbed
After paint is absorbed/dried, dispose of in the garbage on your pick up day
*Please note that if the weather is humid, allow extra time for the paint to completely dry


Craig’s Recycling
Will pick up pallets for rebuilding/reuse
Free pickup for one-time service or regularly scheduled service
Phone: (304) 291-2116 Call for more information

Will pick up pallets for rebuilding / reuse
May offer free pickup service
Phone: (304) 376-9113 Call for more information


Each chemical has its own proper disposal method.
For environmentally sound disposal, please contact the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection (304) 926-0440
For information on proper management & disposal of pesticides, contact Doug Hudson, WV Dept. of Agriculture, Pesticide Regulatory Program at (304) 558-2209.
Please check out the US EPA Pesticides Information page.



Shields Herb & Flower Farm
May reuse pots and flats for planting
Phone: (724) 435-7246 Call for more information

Global Impact
May reuse pots and flats for planting
Phone: (304) 677-0379 Call for more information



UPS Store
Location: Patteson Dr., Morgantown
Depending on stock, may accept clean styrofoam peanuts for packing
Phone: (304) 599-0001 Call for more information

Slight Indulgence
Depending on stock, may accept clean Styrofoam packing peanuts for packing
Phone: (304) 292-3401 Call for more information



Alliance of Foam Packaging Recyclers
1298 Cronson Blvd.Crofton, MD 21114
Will accept chunk Styrofoam for recycling
Must mail the Styrofoam to them
Phone: (410) 451-8340 Call for more information



Most garbage haulers will not accept tires
Call your trash hauler for more information
Republic Services  does NOT accept tires
Call to confirm with City of Westover and Town of Star City

-Tire Amnesty Day (hold tires until day of event)
Call WV DEP for more information (304) 926-0440
Scheduled Tire Amnesty Days

-Tire & Rubber Inc.
710 Grass Run Rd.
Weston, WV 26452
Accepts: waste tires during regular business hours at its facility
Time: Mon-Fri 8:00am- 4:30pm and Sat 8:00am- noon
Phone: (304) 269-0091 Call for more information



-Good News Mountaineer Garage
Will accept donated vehicles for needy families in WV
Vehicle must be in working condition with complete motor and transmission, but need not have current inspection
Phone: 1-866-GIVE-CAR/ 1-866-448-3227 Call for details and for tax-deductible information

-1-800-Charity Cars
nationwide car donation/distribution charity
The car donations received help to provide free donated vehicles to struggling families. We accept vehicles in any condition and offer free towing nationwide.
They have donated over 5,000 recycled/refurbished vehicles to people in need throughout the nation. Some of the people who the program helps include: the medically needy, victims of natural disasters, victims of domestic violence, military families, and many more.
visit their website for more info: http://www.800charitycars.org/

Recycling Options
Some of the following businesses will accept vehicles, working or not, for recycling
Please call for more information.

-Dick’s Recycling (304) 599-3481
-3 Rivers Iron and Metal (304) 366-8099
-Northern Mountain State Metals (304) 292-1200 or (304) 367-1207
-Jack’s Recycling (800) 222-8932 or (724) 324-2707

58 Responses to Disposal Information

  1. Tristan Gingerich says:

    I have a bed frame that has cracked and I want to dispose of. Where should this be taken and is there a fee to dispose of it?

    • jhardinger says:

      If the bed frame is metal, you can bring it to the main recycling center off of River Rd. If it’s not, you should call your trash provider and ask if you can put it out (at no extra cost) on bulky goods day.

  2. Nichols says:

    My recycling used to be picked up curbside in Westover on Fridays. However, for the two last months mine has been skipped, while my neighbors’ recycling is still being collected.
    I’ve always put mine out, unsorted (newspaper and aluminum together, for example), in cardboard boxes because bins are not provided. Is sorting required now? I can’t figure out why it’s not being picked up. I’d ask the drivers, but am at work before they should get here.
    Can you possibly spell out the guidelines for curbside recycling? If this is beyond the scope of your site, I’ll call on my lunchbreak & figure it out, but it’s really frustrating!

    • jhardinger says:

      Unfortunately, I can’t do anything for you. However, I know who can. Since you live in a municipality, trash and curbside recycling are handled by the municipality’s own internal solid waste department. The phone number for Westover’s solid waste department is: 304-296-6860. I hope this was helpful and I hope you get your issues resolved.

      If you are unable to get curbside service, you are always welcome to bring your (separated!) recyclables to any of our drop off locations. Our main location is just outside of Westover and we have a satellite site at the Mountaineer Mall.

  3. shawna says:

    When is the next household hazardous waste collection event? What materials do you accept at this event?

    • jhardinger says:

      There will be another household hazardous waste collection, but we don’t know exactly when it is yet. When the date is set in stone, it will be posted on our website.

      • Laura says:

        I just received this information:
        There is an upcoming Paint Disposal Day on Saturday, October 16, 2010, from 9:00am – 1:00pm at Miller Environmental (Hartman Run Rd, Morgantown).
        Only latex or oil based paints will be collected.
        There is a $5.00 fee per vehicle up to 10 gallon size containers AND $2.00 for every gallon container after they have surpassed the 10 gallon size container limit.
        This information will be on our website ASAP.
        I have no other information on a more comprehensive Household Hazardous Waste Event yet.

  4. vickie crowder says:

    After months of trying to get a recycling bin, we finally got one. However, sometimes our recycling is still there when we come home on trash day – but the trash is gone. Are we doing something wrong? What are the guidelines for curbside recycling in Morgantown? We live in Greenmont.

    • jhardinger says:

      MCSWA does not oversee any curbside recycling programs. If you live in Morgantown, Allied Waste provides your recycling. Pickup is every other week for curbside in Morgantown. Call Allied Waste at 304-296-3696 to find out your pickup schedule.

  5. Kevin says:

    Do you know of anyone that takes #5 plastics locally?

  6. Tina says:

    Do you know when a paint disposal day will be in 2011?

  7. Bonnie Moore says:

    Is there a way to dispose of old throw & bed pillows?

  8. steve says:

    I have quite a few broken up pine tree branches and thick sticks in my yard. Is there anyone who will pick these up or at least a place to take them?

  9. Brandon Law says:

    As far as recycling boxes from soda, cereal boxes, etc (paperboard), should those go into the cardboard recepticles or the paper recepticles?

  10. Bill Keechel says:

    Who accepts working TV’s and old computers/printers?

    • Goodwill (304-296-7900) and Best Buy (304-598-9052) take working computers. (Call both beforehand to get the details.)
      Goodwill takes TVs if they are five years old or less.
      Best Buy takes CRT TVs that are under 32″ and flat screen TVs that are under 60″.
      PC Renewal (304-291-8550) takes both TVs and computers, but may charge.
      Office Depot (304-598-7899) offers pre-paid (meaning you pay for them) e-Cycling mailers.
      All of this information and more is found in our Proper Solid Waste Disposal Handbook.

  11. William Flagg says:

    I am looking to dispose about 10 – 12 gallons of house paint, can’t find any place that will take it, is there any place I can take it to?

    • We’re having a household hazardous waste collection, but that’s not until September 8. If you don’t want to wait that long (I don’t blame you), you can dry it out in the air or with kitty litter, then throw it away. Many hardware stores sell drying powders, but it has been our experience that kitty litter works just as well.

  12. Karen says:

    Husband used kerosene to soak ‘rolled’ newspapers to burn. The kerosene is in large open, garbage can. Where can I dispose of the unused kerosene?

  13. Andrew N. says:

    Lowes does not accept fluorescent bulb tubes. Is there anywhere in the area I can take these for safe disposal?

    • moncoswa2012 says:

      Hello and thank you for your inquiry,
      Unfortunately, as far as I know right now there are very few places around the state that do take the bulbs, I have been contacting places all morning trying to get some options for you though. I would be happy to update our website and forward this information to you as soon as I have a better answer, right now in the local area there aren’t any options that I know of taking the long fluorescent bulb tubes.

      • Jill Baxter says:

        How about someone working with Lowes or Walmart to accept them for recycling since they are probably the 2 biggest sellers of fluorescent bulbs? Lowes is a good start because they already accept other bulbs for recycling.

      • moncoswa2012 says:

        Thank you for the suggestion, I will look into finding more ways to dispose of the flourescent bulbs. I know that businesses like Lowes and Walmart are eager to help their communities with this type of service, but haven’t been able to implement it as of yet. The main problem is finding an end source or final stop for these bulbs, there aren’t many places that actually can recycle or reuse them. I will keep up with this, and if any new details arise I will update it on here.

  14. Lisa says:

    Where do I take used Helium tanks that can be purchased at the party store or Walmart?

    • moncoswa2012 says:

      Hi there, Sorry for the extreme delay, but to answer your question I would need to ask a few questions from you. Is the tank metal? Is it aluminum or other type like steel or tin? If the tank is metal you can bring it here to the MCCRC located off of River Rd. and we will be able to recycle it for you.

  15. Patti says:

    How do we get rid of a live Christmas tree? Is there curbside recycling or do we have to take it somewhere?

    • moncoswa2012 says:

      Hello and I am sorry for the delay in answering your question, unfortunately I had to do some research myself to find the answer. I have spoken to Mr. Wellman at the DNR office and they are accepting, at no charge, the used Christmas trees at the Tygart Lake State Park Marina located in Grafton, WV. They use these trees for fish habitats after they are sunk into the water, so it is a need for them and a free outlet to dispose of your tree. I am working on the possibility to have our facility be a drop off point for next year for the community, then we would take them down to the lake for Monongalia County residents. I didn’t have enough time this year to arrange that to happen, but you can take them to the marina yourself.

  16. Linda Durfee says:

    Drop Off: Bridge Street near the Grafton City Garage
    Collecting until: Jan. 31
    Phone: 304-265-1760

    • moncoswa2012 says:

      This is very helpful, we have been telling people that the Tygart Lake State Park is accepting the trees at the Marina. You can also contact them at 304-825-6787 for more information.

  17. sandy says:

    Is there a household hazardous waste collection any time soon?

    • moncoswa2012 says:

      There is unfortunately not a date scheduled right now, we will be advertising as soon as we do have it scheduled. The last event was held on Sept. 8th 2012 and our goal is to arrange 2 per year, however we have only been able to do them once per year so far. In the mean time, If you have specific questions please call us at the Monongalia County SWA office at 304-292-3801, or you can call the WVDEP for specific disposal guidelines for Household Hazardous Waste at 304-926-0440. Thank you for the question and have a great day.

  18. Molly alderson says:

    When will tire collection day be scheduled?

    • moncoswa2012 says:

      The tire amnesty day is handled and scheduled by the WVDEP, this is the link to their website. Unfortunately, as of now it has not been scheduled for Monongalia County. We will post the time and dates on our website and our Facebook pages once we know them. We will also be advertising in as many ways that we can around the community and the county. Please feel free to call us at the office anytime for further information or questions. 304.292.3801 Thanks for your time.

  19. Allison Nichols says:

    How do you dispose of an old mattress?

    • moncoswa2012 says:

      The way to dispose of an old mattress would be to take it to the Mountaineer Transfer Station. Their phone number is 304-368-7777.

  20. Susan Sauter says:

    I’ve been told that Morgantown curbside recycling now accepts aceptic/tetrapacs as well as milk carton/other beverage cartons. From your website, it implies these things are not taken. Yet this info is from a person who went on a tour of your new recycling facility. If you could clarify, that would be v. helpful. Thank you.

    • Mon.Co.S.W.A. says:

      “Commonly accepted recyclables for your home include: aluminum and metal cans; glass bottles; plastic #1 and #2; plastic bottles with a neck (soda bottles, laundry product containers, etc.); newspaper and magazines (please bundle or tie); corrugated cardboard/box board (i.e. cereal/soda/beer boxes and similar packaging). Find your local recycling program details for additions and/or exceptions to this list.”- This is the information that Republic Services provides it’s customers online. That is all the information that I have other than what was given to us when this program started, which is the information on our website. If you want to speak to Republic Services about what they accept, Please call them at 304-366-8900 and ask them what exactly they accept now.

  21. Linda Gantt says:

    What is the current situation for recycling glass?

    • Mon.Co.S.W.A. says:

      You can bring glass recycling to our facility located at 255 South Plant St. Morgantown, WV 26501 inside of the Morgantown Industrial Park anytime. The glass recycling is located on the north -west side of the building and is separated by color; green, brown, and clear.

  22. loginmyeye says:

    How do we get an airconditioner freeon tag thing it needs?

    • Mon.Co.S.W.A. says:

      Hi there, I appreciate your message! You can simply bring the air conditioner to our facility, no need to remove the freon or get a tag. Our new facility is located in the Morgantown Industrial Park, please call if you need directions. 304-292-3801

  23. Scott Turner says:

    I just moved from NH where our town recycled all plastic. I was disappointed to find out that Morgantown is only accepting #1 #2, #4 & #5. Are there plans to expand the plastic that is accepted for recycling?

    • Mon.Co.S.W.A. says:

      The commodities that we accept are determined by the market. Meaning, right now, our market for this area will only accept the #1 #2 #4 #5 and rigid #2 plastics, with the latter three being a very recent addition. Our company cannot take in items that we can’t dispose of or sell. We are a very small company and any items that we can accept to help our company & our community out we try to accept. Just in the last few months we have began collecting glass bottles again, hard and soft cover books, #4 & #5 plastics, clothes and shoes, and we accept scrap metal and appliances as well. We are always trying to improve and further our mission of recycling for the residents of our county, so if there is a market for the other plastics or other items, we will gladly consider expanding our plastic recycling. As for now, we do not see taking any other plastics in the near future.

  24. Linda Watkins says:

    I have a dehumidifier that I need to get rid of.

    Will there be a recycling for hazardous materials soon? (in 2014)

    • Mon.Co.S.W.A. says:

      Thank you for emailing us this question. The HHW event is scheduled to be held on Saturday, September 27th from 8:00am to 11:00am. It will be held at MUB’s location on Greenbag Rd. in Morgantown. MUB has taken over the HHW event and will be the lead sponsor and financial supporter of the next HHW event for this fall. If you have any further questions about the event, you will want to contact MUB.
      The dehumidifier can be dropped off for free recycling at our main facility, which is located in the Morgantown Industrial Park in Westover.
      Thanks again,
      Donnie DeBerry

  25. Tom says:

    When is free tire day Mon. or Marion Co.

  26. Laura D says:

    Where can I take 2 refrigerators that have freon in them?

    • Laura D.,

      Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I just spoke to Jack’s Recycling and they are taking refrigerators that have freon. Here is there contact information:
      Jack’s Recycling
      Phone: (800) 222-8932 or (724) 324-2707
      226 Mount Morris Rd (Rt. 19)
      Mount Morris, PA 15349
      Hours: Mon-Fri 8-4:30
      closed on major holidays

      Metals including: auto parts, appliances, aluminum, copper, brass, batteries, stainless steel, any scrap iron

  27. sportsforu says:

    Do you take scrap wood? Is there a fee?

    • sportsforu,

      Unfortunately we do not take any recyclables at this time. The following information may be of assistance from our website:



      –Habitat for Humanity ReStore
      Accepts still usable materials for re-sale
      Will pick up larger items (call to make arrangements)
      Phone: (304) 291-2991 Call for more information

      –Mountaineer Transfer Station “The Dump”
      Location: Morgantown Industrial Park
      Time: Mon-Fri 5:30am – 3:00pm and Sat 7:00am – 11:00am
      Phone: (304) 366-8900 or (304) 368-7777 Call for fees and more information

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