Recycling Coalition of WV

Received the following email from Paul Hayes with Recycling Coalition of WV

Greetings from the Recycling Coalition of West Virginia. With the school year about to begin, here are 2017 recycling educational outreach materials for your use. Together, we educate West Virginians on how to correctly recycle in our state. This October, we will publish an eight-page newspaper insert about recycling in approximately 30 state newspapers with a circulation of over 260,000. The full campaign includes the 15th Annual Re-Fashion show, a youth Freedom Project Contest for kids from kindergarten through high school and a $250 prize for adults signing a pledge to support recycling.

Once again, we provide solid waste lesson plans developed with help from the WV Department of Education to build understanding of the role engineers play in recycling, incineration and sanitary landfills. Teachers can also register to win classroom money. All this information is on our website at

Since 1999, the Recycling Coalition of WV, Inc. has been advocating recycling and providing tools to help educate West Virginians. Youth contest entries must be postmarked by November 30, 2017.

If I can provide any help or answer any questions, please feel free to call me at 304-926-0448 or email me at .

Thank you for your support,

Paul F. Hayes……/1FAIpQLSedGiU6ZNnN-Y2w-…/viewform…

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