You may view the WV Legislature House Bill 4540 here:
If you have a non-working television or other electronic device and wish to dispose of it, please read the article attached.  Of course we recommend recycling if possible and definitely if the item is in working usable condition please donate it to one of the charitable organizations in the county, you can find a list on our website.
Here is the article from the Dominion Post:
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2 Responses to WEST VIRGINIA LEGISLATURE House Bill 4540

  1. This post is really confusing by referencing a newspaper article throwing electronics in the land fill is now acceptable.

    “Effective July 1, 2016, covered electronic devices, as defined in section two of this 14 article, may not be disposed of in a solid waste landfill in West Virginia, if a county or regional solid waste authority determines there is a cost effective recycling alternative for handling covered
    16 electronic devices.” seems to imply that the Mon.Co.S.W.A. has to determine that there is not a cost effective alternative method of disposal. I have not seen or heard the recent electronic recycling collection was not successful. The number of CRT monitors and TVs I saw disposed of at $20 a pop, should have provided some funds for the effort.

    The newspaper article implied that there was no evidence that electronics in a dump contributed to in any way to pollution. This is contrary to information provided which led the WV legislature to ban them from dumps originally.

    I request that the Mon.Co.S.W.A. provide a clear policy on electronic disposal justifying the recycling programs are not effective and include references to studies that demonstrate that the toxic materials cannot leach into our water supply.

    Since a $20 fee was charged for CRT monitors and TVs disposal at the recycling indicates a disposal problem, I would assume that the Mon.Co.S.W.A should provide specific guidance to landfill operators who are known for their diligence in using the cheapest disposal methods–not necessarily the most environmentally sound.

    • Michael Roder, Our apologies for the unintentional confusion. The article was included for the purpose of giving the residents of Monongalia County the process in which to dispose of electronics per regulations. At this time the Monongalia County Solid Waste Authority has no knowledge of a cost effective ongoing/continuous E-cycling system, although we are constantly exploring alternatives. We will continue to share and promote any and all E-cycling events for the residents of Monongalia County to utilize.

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