Outcome of the Emergency Meeting

There were several members of the community in attendance to express their concerns about the Recycling Center closing at last nights meeting. The Monongalia County Solid Waste Authority(MCSWA) Board of Directors voted to terminate the lease on its current facility in the Morgantown Industrial Park. This decision will mean that the processing of the recyclable materials at this facility will cease as of Monday Dec. 15th 2014 and allow time for the MCSWA to clean up and vacate the building before the end of the year.

As for the Recycling Satellite Drop Off locations, they will remain in operation and the general public will be able to use them normally. The material collected from the Satellite sites will now be taken to the Mountaineer Transfer Station for disposal instead of coming to the Monongalia County Community Recycling Center(MCCRC) for processing. The only change the public will notice is that they will no longer be able to come to the MCCRC to drop off their recyclables.

The materials collected at the drop off sites will be : #1 & #2 plastic containers, Office Paper, Newspaper & Magazines, Cardboard, Aluminum Cans and Steel Cans.

As of Dec. 3rd 2014 the MCCRC has discontinued the collection of Glass, Books, and #4-#5 Plastics. With the changes in the Recycling Program the MCSWA Board Members will be evaluating possible solutions to the problem of collecting white goods and scrap metal(since we will not be able to continue this at the MCCRC).

Check out the Channel 12 news coverage of our meeting:  http://www.wboy.com/story/27609913/monongalia-county-swa-holds-emergency-meeting-on-community-recycle-center#.VIrX8gsFKpU.facebook 

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