Monongalia County Community Recycling Center Moving

The M.C.C.R.C. which is currently located at 59 Lockside Rd. Morgantown, WV will be moving to the new facility as of this Thursday November 7th 2013. This move will allow the Monongalia County Community Recycling Center to be larger and better for the county residents. This Thursday will be the last day that the general public will be able to drop off recyclables at the main facility, from Thursday on, we ask that you take all your recyclables to one of our satellite sites which are spread throughout the county. PLEASE do not take any recyclable materials to the facility after Thursday, leaving materials at the current location will be considered littering under the WV Litter Laws. So, if you want to have your recyclables recycled and not considered litter(which can cost you fines under the law) please take them to our satellite sites. Thank you for your efforts and Please help us spread the word through the county. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our office. 

Donnie DeBerry
phone: 304.292.3801

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2 Responses to Monongalia County Community Recycling Center Moving

  1. Jason Chastain says:

    Where are the ‘satellite sites’? I have some window AC units I’d like to dispose of / recycle.

    • moncoswa2012 says:

      Well our satellite sites or public drop-off locations are found under our “Drop Off Locations” page. However none of our sites accept appliances or electronics; for appliances you would want to bring those to our new facility in the Morgantown Industrial Park. Monongalia County Solid Waste Authority or the Mon. Co. Community Recycling Center Does Not accept electronics or TVs of any kind, please call our office if you have more questions about where you can take those type of items. 304.292.3801

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